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Thinking broadly on Fatima

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Celestial Secrets is not a book I would recommend to just anyone. It is difficult to plow through it, however, plow through I do because I am after the ideas in this tome. Why? 

Two years back I was asked to participate in a writing of a new screenplay on the early twentieth century events that took place in Fatima, Portugal. It was not the most defined project I have ever worked on, but it is one of the more interesting. My work is “history and mythology” so this project, which combines both, took my interest to the level of real research plus participating as the lead writer in this project. 

I had not worked on a screenplay in twenty years, so this not only involved the historical research, it involved re-learning the format. Fortunately I discovered inexpensive software that formats it for me. Therefore I am able to spend my time writing instead of pulling out my hair. 

Since the screenplay project lacked focus, it was a difficult endeavor in that without knowing the end, the story is hard to tell. The man who started me on this project liked the idea of exploring the “third secret”, but I always felt there was more to this story than what the Catholic Church made of it. I didn’t want to tell just a historical story either. That’s not my style. My stories are about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. My lead characters go on hero journeys.

The three shepherds in the Fatima story are most definitely ordinary people. Indeed, these are three kids, which is even more up my alley. They are rural kids at that, without education except that which they know about farm living and their religion. What happened to them sent them on a hero’s journey, with the two younger ones dying within two and three years of the event.

I relate to them because I spent my childhood in a rural setting. Religion was an important part of my upbringing. Unlike the three shepherds, I was sent to school. 

I don’t know what’s to become of the screenplay. For my part, I am reading Celestial Secrets so that I expand  my thinking on Fatima. I want to do a piece of historical fiction that explores the story in a full context. Target date for release will be the 100th anniversary of the first “visit” by a celestial being to Fatima; the Angel of Portugal in 1916. That’s where this story truly begins.  That’s the take away thinking from Celestial Secrets. That and other ideas, that for now, will remain my secret.


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February 14, 2014 at 3:21 pm

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